Creation In Six Days


Part One of a Series:
Why Six Days?
by Chuck Missler Home Page
The Book of Genesis presents a disturbing problem for many Bible-believing Christians. Did God really create the heaven and the earth in just six 24-hour days? How does a serious student of the Torah – the five books of Moses – reconcile the Genesis account with the “billions of years” encountered in the dictums of astronomy, geology, et al?

Many continue to attempt to circumvent the problem by assuming that the six days represent “geological eras,” or that the traditional text is simply a rhetorical “framework” for a literary summary of the creative process. Various forms of “theistic evolution” have been contrived in attempts to reconcile the Biblical text with the various theories and conjectures which dominate our evolution-based society.

However, the sincere student cannot escape the confrontations which result from the straightforward reading of the text with the ostensible declarations of “science.” How can we deal with these fundamental issues?

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