Peace on Earth, Good Will towards All!

New Heaven on Earth!

When we listen, hear and act on the still, small voice of God, we are aligned and attuned to the river of water of life. We are humble, teachable, and led by the Spirit of God. We stay awake with our lamps full; we keep our oil filled with the Holy Spirit as we live in the righteousness of Christ Jesus. We keep alert, watchful, above the frey; our Lamb-sight sees and hears the manifestations of his holy presence. Be still and know; when a problem arises, be still and know God is greater. Be still and let the power of the light of Christ Jesus dissolve the darkness and return your body, soul and spirit into the kingdom of the Son, a place in consciousness above the frey; where praying means intimate communion with our Father. When we turn right or left, we get a check in our spirit…

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