Personal Freedom

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We live in a society committed to self-love and to each one doing his own thing, pursuing his own happiness, comfort, and peace. This commitment to self, of course, is destructive to society, to the family, and any human relationship. Such a course is the product of Satan’s influence and delusions and is directly opposed to the direction and injunctions of Scripture for the life of the Christian.

The mandate on the body of Christ is love for God and love for one’s neighbor, the pursuit and promotion of the kingdom of God, doing not our own thing, but denial of the self-life that we might be free to live for God and others.

Thus, we find in the New Testament what we can call the doctrine of One Another. Over and over again in the New Testament we find injunctions and statements concerning our responsibilities to one another. The point being, God has called us to be a ministering people following the example of our Lord who came not to be ministered to, but to minister and give Himself a ransom for many.

Galatians 5 is one of the key passages in Scripture dealing with the Spirit-filled life or walking by means of the Holy Spirit who indwells every believer. It is important to understand that Paul’s argument centers around the believer’s freedom. Note the following:

(1) They had been prisoners of sin, in bondage to its control and death (3:22), and the Law had not been able to liberate them. The Law had been merely a temporary custodian to care for Israel until Christ when man could be freed from sin and justified by faith (3:24).

(2) Before Christ, man was like a small child, under this tutor or guardian and no different from a slave and so, in bondage, under the legal practice of the law and Judaism (cf. 4:1-3).

  1. Personal Freedom


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