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The following book review and commentary, which we’ll cover on Thursday’s program, is from a discussion at Rapture

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The “gurus” of this (Seeker Sensitive) movement are Rick Warren of Saddleback Church; Dan Southerland of Flamingo Rd. Church, who Rick has blessed as his successor in training others in his program; and Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Church.

The following is taken from Dan Southerland’s book: Transitioning and page references are given where appropriate. This is what they’re pushing:

Southerland’s Overall Steps to “Transition” your church:

Change your Approach – from “Program Driven” (read: traditional), to “Purpose Driven”.

Change your Target – from reaching saved fellow Christians to reaching the “unchurched”. (this is an oxymoron, since church is by definition for the saved. Is “jail” for the “un-jailed”?)

Change your Leadership – Move away from an Elder/Deacon/Board leadership (read: Biblical) model, and have…

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