Original sin: unbelief

Spiritual Maturity

Unbelief: the origin of the first sin

original_sinIf we understand the origin of the first sin, then we can understand the origin of all sins, because the principle of all sin is the same (Genesis 3:1-6). Sin manifests itself in three principal forms: unbelief, independence and the natural life.

The first sin was not especially offensive in appearance. It was not obscene, pornographic, scandalous, or evil at first glance. Adam and Eve merely disobeyed the instructions of the Lord and ate the wrong fruit, nothing else.

The first sin gave birth to all others, because the principle in operation governs all other sins, even though they may start in different ways. Let us see how this happened.

My purpose for this post is to examine the principle of unbelief. Regarding the tree of the knowledge of good and evil God told Adam and Eve: “For in the day that…

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