Are You Confusing The Muscles Of Your Marriage?

The Romantic Vineyard


We visited our daughter’s church yesterday in Marietta Square. Her pastor shared a metaphor we think applies well to marriage.

He said that when you exercise, if you keep doing the same routine week after week eventually your muscles will become familiar with the workout. This isn’t good because once they know what to expect they don’t work as hard because they aren’t being challenged to exert more energy. He went on to say we need to “confuse our muscles” so they don’t know what’s coming next. In doing so they work harder to figure it out. We love this!

In a marriage we can grow accustomed to what is expected of us.

We can fall into a routine that doesn’t require much effort. And what’s worse is we quit building our marriage muscles.

This is why we encourage marriages to do things outside of what’s comfortable. If you’ve never planned an…

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