What They Really Need Is…

CWoznicki Think Out Loud

So yesterday (4/19/13) I presented a paper at the Evangelical Theological Society’s Far Western Annual Conference. I talked about how Pneumatology can integrate Atonement and Epistemology. As I tell people that I am pretty active in reading/writing theology some people wonder what the point of all of that is. Some wonder why I devote so much time to studying theology. Well the reason why I do that is that there is a great need in the Global church that many people are not aware of.

Many Christians today know that our brothers and sisters in the global south (that is not a geographical term excluding Asia, its a term used to refer to the “3rd world”) lack physical/financial resources. Poverty, starvation, lack of clean water are huge problems in the global south. However, many of the pastors in these areas tell us that there is an even greater need. These…

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