Argo” takes place at the airport in Tehran. Six Americans, having hidden in Iran for three months, are taking this one chance to get out of a country that’s embroiled in revolution and anger. Their cover is that they’re part of a science-fiction film crew; their guide is Tony Mendez, a C.I.A. operative.

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I wasted $3.99 and my time watching this documentary like movie. . It has to be the worst movie I have ever seen. I usually love Ben Affleck, He is one of my favorite actors. I can not even imagine why he chose to do this part. The plot was bad. It was poorly written. It seems since it was a true story it would have been easy to write. I wonder how this movie could have gone so wrong  In most bad movies there are at least a few good lines but not this one. I do not think even one actor in the whole movie did a good job. I can  not remember the hostage incident but it had to be more interesting than this movie. I would not recommend this movie to anyone.


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