Merry Christmas, Alex Cross BY James Patterson


Merry Christmas, Alex Cross / James Patterson

Author: Patterson, James, 1947- Edition: 1st ed. Publisher: New York : Little, Brown, 2012.

ISBN: 9780316210683 (hbk.)
0316210684 (hbk.) Description: 323, 7, 6 p. ; 25 cm.

Subject: Cross, Alex (Fictitious character) Fiction. African American detectives Fiction. Hostage negotiations Fiction. Washington (D.C.) Fiction.
Mystery fiction. Suspense fiction. Christmas stories.

Here are the main characters in the book.

  • Alex Cross the main character and protagonist of the series.
  • John Sampson, Alex’s best friend and fellow detective.
  • Bree Cross Alex’s new wife.
  • Nanna Mamma whom is the matriarch of the Cross family and is Alex’s grandmother who adopted him at the age of 13.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, ALEX CROSS starts out in Saint Anthony’s Church  on Christmas Eve. People are lighting candles, going to confession and praying. The usual things taking place in a church.  The stakeout that Cross is on is meant to  stop a seemingly minor crime. Cross plans to stop the suspect before he does too much damage where he can go home and spend some time with his family on Christmas. However, after he gets this crime all wrapped up he’s called away to another crime scene that looks like it might be more serious.

An attorney named Henry Fowler is holding his three children, his ex-wife, and her husband hostage. At one time Henry Fowler had been a successful attorney. His ex wife is now married to a congressman and that usually means a lot of news reporters. Fowler has really lost his mind and has a load of guns and is threatening to kill everyone in the home.  The negotiator has made the situation worse by making Fowler mad. This has made the situation a lot more dangerous.

“MERRY CHRISTMAS, ALEX CROSS , has a title that is a teaser, the book is really an exciting thriller. It’s a wonderful thriller that just happens to take place at Christmas and makes  a bad Christmas for Alex Cross. He wanted to be home with his family on that special day. I believe this Alex Cross book is one of James Patterson’s best books. It holds the reader’s attention. It’s a book you will not want to put down so don’t wait  until Christmas day to read it. Your family will not be happy if you are reading on such a special family day.

Cross is called to the second  scene in the hope that he can save the lives of the family that is held hostage.  Fowler could not cope with being known as a drug addict instead of the well known lawyer he once was but no one had thought he would be capable of killing his family.  Cross wants to find out what caused Fowler to become addicted to drugs and end up holding his family hostage. What terrible secret could cause a man to do such a terrible thing?

Cross wanted to resolve this situation and spend the day with his family and he dose. Cross gets to eat a wonderful Christmas meal with his family. Cross finishes the festivities of Christmas with his family but is then called to yet another crime scene. This one even more serious than the last. A  known terrorist and nemesis of Cross’s, Hala al Dossari,has been discovered in Union Station with a suspicious package. Union Station is full of Christmas travelers, Dossari, could possibly be a threat to the travelers. Cross feels confident that he can handle the situation with no problems. He is wrong about that.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, ALEX CROSS is a thriller to beat all thrillers.  The second half of the book has one of Patterson’s most exciting plots of any of his other books. It’s a terrorist attack on a monumental scale. It is so close to reality it will really scare you. I highly recommend this book for all adult readers. Happy reading, dtbrents

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