Daughter of Joy – Brides of Culdee Creek


This was the first e-book I downloaded on my first tablet. The family and I were on vacation so I needed a good book and I found this lovely book. I loved it so much I bought all the others in the series. The title of this book tells the reader  the book is about a woman of joy. Not the kind of joy that comes from man but the kind that comes from God.  Although there are parts of the book where Abigail Stanton struggles with life she has joy because she depends on the Lord for her joy and not her circumstances. The book helps the reader to realize that when our joy is found in the Lord it is perfect joy.

This book was written by Kathleen Morgan after the loss of her youngest son to cancer. It was written in 1997. Her son’s death brought her back to God. Before his death she describes herself as a lukewarm Christian. Her own struggle with issues of grief, loss, and acceptance of God’s will, brought about her renewed search for a deeper, more spiritual and lasting meaning to life. These were all catalysts for her book “Daughter of Joy“. It’s a very romantic story.

Abigail Stanton seeks rest as a housekeeper for manly Conor MacKay after losing everything. Will this new journey move her from grief to joy? http://www.kathleenmorgan.com/html/bridesofculdeecreek.html
Set in the late nineteenth century outside Colorado Springs, Colorado, Daughter of Joy tells a compelling, perceptive tale of one woman’s faith journey. In the wake of losing both her husband and young son, Abigail Stanton is searching for a way to make sense of her losses.
She takes a job as housekeeper for Conor MacKay, the owner of Culdee Creek ranch. Conor, a confusing, often volatile man, carries deep pain-and secrets-in his inscrutable heart. Though they are wary of each other at first and protective of their bruised hearts, Abby and Conor challenge each other to take off their masks. Chapter 1 The plains east of Colorado Springs, Colorado, October 1895
This is a Christian book set in 1895. Katleen Morgan makes each part of the book come alive to the reader. I felt as though I was living in the time period. I fell in love with the characters. Each one is so well defined that you feel you know them after the first chapter. The first book can be found free on Kobo. If you don’t have a Kobo you can download one for your pc or tablet. I like the way Kobo lets you read a book without downloading it like the Kindle app.
I believe the intended audience for this book is women both young and old. I think a non-Christian would enjoy the book as well as the Christian woman. If you enjoy a good romance you will enjoy this story. The story is one I enjoyed every word of and I didn’t want to read it fast. It was that good. I recommend this book for all readers. It might help men become better partners so I wouldn’t rule them out. Happy I hope you are reading a good book today.
Link below is to some books I’ve read and rated.
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